San Antonio port coastal tour with transfer to and from Santiago(8 hrs)

Available from San Antonio and Santiago

 This tour is ideal for those who are extending their stay in Santiago after a cruise or for those embarking in San Antonio and want to explore less-travelled routes.

Starting from the cruise terminal in San Anotnio or from your hotel in Santiago, you’ll head towards the beach towns along the coastline of the San Antonio province: Algarrobo, El Quisco, Quintay.

Situated just 110 km west of Santiago in the northernmost part of the coastal tour circuit,Algarrobo is one of the main resort towns on Chile’s central coast and home to some of its most beautiful scenery. Come enjoy its beaches and experience its unique blend of colonial architecture and sophisticated modern high rises. Those who visit the town will be treated to some of the best beaches on the coast all are famous for their sunsets. South America’s largest swimming pool is located on the waterfront in a prominent hotel complex.

El Quisco serves as a popular summer resort for the population of Santiago and forms part of the Coast of Poets, a cultural space named for four Chilean poets of world renown: Pablo Neruda, Vicente Huidobro, Violeta Parra and Nicanor Parra. A place of interest is La Casa de Isla Negra*, the former house of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, now his burial place and a museum.

Quintay is a discreet Chilean village located near Valparaiso, 120 kilometres from Santiago. Whaling was its economical mainstay for many years, until the industry was banned in 1967. A museum** tells the story of this port, now reconverted to accommodate diving enthusiasts. It has a variety of restaurants on the beach where you can enjoy the local cuisine.

This tour ends in your accommodation in Santiago or at the cruise terminal in San Antonio

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