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Welcome to Shore Excursions in Cartagena Colombia , in this page as you scroll down you will find all excursions that we offer in this beautifull port of call. All our services are provided in modern fully equiped vehicles with the assistance of profesional guides and drivers. If you are looking for other ports please click in the link above .


1.-The best of Cartagena 4 Hrs

The tour starts with a visit to La Popa Monastery previously known as the “stern of a galleon”. This ancient Monastery located at the top of a hill and can be seen from any point in Cartagena and in turn, it offers a privileged view of this incredible city. Built at the beginning of the XVIIth century, it is still inhabited by monks, was used several times as a military fortress due to its strategic location. A chapel dedicated to virgin de La Candelaria, patron saint of Cartagena and a Colonial Museum can also be visited. The tour continues with a panoramic of San Felipe de Barajas, which is situated outside the walled city. This monumental fort is considered to be the most outstanding feat of Spanish military engineering in the New World with its construction beginning in 1536 and lasting for 121 years. The tour continues to the magical walled city, a construction that took 194 years to be completed and enabled Cartagena to defend herself from the attacks of marauding English pirates. The Spanish colonial architecture is some of the most impressive and best preserved in the whole of South America with its imposing merchant’s houses, narrow streets, flower bedecked balconies stunning civic buildings and beautiful churches. The city is dotted with many squares and public spaces which are now are home to sidewalk café’s and restaurants where Colombians and visitors alike relax and enjoy the magic of this amazing city. Your guided walk over approximately 5 city blocks will include a visit to San Pedro Claver cloister and monastery built in homage to the protector of slaves, and serves as reminder of the turbulent past of Cartagena and indeed the Americas . Visit to the Dungeons within the walled city ramparts. Originally built to store provisions for the troops they are now home to a high quality handicrafts market selling brightly decorated cloth, woodwork & woven bags made by some of the indigenous peoples of Colombia You will then re-join your motor coach and continue to Bocagrande, which in complete contrast with the old city, is modern with high rise apartment complexes, hotels and restaurants, and is where many Colombians take their vacations. Here you will have the opportunity to shop at “Pierino Gallo”, famous for its wide variety of jewelry shops with their world renowned Colombian Emeralds.


2.-Cartagena city tour 3.5 Hrs

This extraordinary journey to Cartagena is known for the many spectacular 16th century buildings and fortifications found throughout the city. See the many famous sites on this comprehensive visit such as La Popa Monastery. Enjoy the panoramic view of the harbour and city from the terrace surrounding this lovely old building. You will continue to Fort of San Felipe de Barajas, then proceed through the ancient city walls into the old city. Next you will see Las Bovedas, The Dungeons, which have been converted into an artisan?s center. Driving through old Cartagena, see the Plaza Bolivar, surrounded by the Cathedral and Palace of Inquisition. Next is the church of San Pedro Claver, which still contains the remains of the Patron Saint of Slaves, who devoted himself to improving life for the poor and tortured captives of the city. Finally, you will be taken to the shopping mall, Pierino Gallo, famous for great bargains in jewelry, especially emeralds and other precious and semi-precious stones


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