This valley is located

near La Serena, about 500 km from the capital of Chile, Santiago. It is formed by the course of the river which bears the same name, and runs up towards the Andes mountains. In your visit to Elqui Valley you will visit the colonial town of Vicuña with the Gabriela Mistral Museum (literature Nobel price), and Monte Grande, where there is a memorial to the poet.

Equi Valley has the most clear sky in the world, 300 days of sun a year. Due to this unusual natural situation in this valley we will find multiple observatories that belong to universities from all over the world. This region is also famous for been the best place in Chile to grow grapes for the Pisco industry. Pisco is the Chilean national drink, in your visit to Elqui valley you will taste some of this great beverage. Lunch at the Solar Restaurant is optional.

2.-Isla Damas (7Hrs)

Located in the sector of Chañaral de Aceituno with a surface area of 859 hectares spread over three islands: Chañaral de Aceituno, Damas and Choros.

This is a natural reserve for bottle-necked dolphins that swim around the formation of islands. It is an area of extreme natural beauty, thanks to the presence of these creatures.

These islands are also noted for other species of flora and fauna found there, amongst them those native to the flowering desert that also covers this zone, and the Humboldt Penguin, that gives its name to this place. At the reserve you can take part in activities such as excursions, kayaking, windsurfing, sailing and beach activities.


This observatory is a scientific, tourist and educational complex which lies 9 km northeast of the town of Vicuña, 60 km east of La Serena and 565 km from Santiago at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level. It is open to the public, and tourists who have a particular interest in astronomy are able to visit the observatory every night of the year, subject only to unforeseen weather conditions. The schedules of exit of tour depend on the availability of the observatory. Leave to Mamalluca's observatory where a specialist guides who gives explanatory talks about the observatory. watch across the telescope (30cm. diameter), where it show stars, planets, nebulas, galaxy, etc. Later it is offered a souvenir in company of your guide, Get back around 23:45hrs.

4.-La Serena city tour (4Hrs)

The city has 109,393 inhabitants and is located 472 km north of Santiago, and 12 km from Coquimbo, with which it forms a joint conurbation. It is in remarkable natural surroundings, with beaches washed by the warm sea, the nearby Elqui valley, and green areas in the city. It was founded in 1544, which makes it the second oldest city in Chile. At that time, it served as a land and sea link with Peru.Three architectural features stand out here: colonial, mining and neo-colonial. The layout of square blocks around the plaza has been preserved; the mining boom triggered the construction of many churches and houses and later, the Spanish style was imposed on public and private buildings. La Serena is noted for the wide range of tourist services available, especially in the Avenida del Mar sector.

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