Music, food and nature makes Argentina a great destination.

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Shore Excursions in South America specially designed for Cruise Passengers

Welcome to Shore Excursions in ARGENTINA! As you scroll down this page, you will find all the ports of call in Argentina, along with the shore excursions in each city. All our services are provided in modern, fully-equiped vehicles with the assistance of professional guides.

Argentina - the second largest and highest populated country in South America - is a plain which rises from the Atlantic to the Chilean border and the towering Andes peaks. Outside the Himalayas in Asia, Aconcagua is the highest peak in the world,topping out at 22,834 ft, (6,960 m).

Argentina is also bordered by Bolivia and Paraguay on the north, and by Uruguay and Brazil on the east. The northern area is the swampy and partly wooded Gran Chaco, bordering Bolivia and Paraguay. South of that are the rolling, fertile Pampas, which are rich in agriculture and sheep and cattle grazing, and support most of the population. Next, southward is the Patagonia, a region of cool, arid steppes with some wooded and fertile sections.

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1.- Buenos Aires city tour (4 1/2 Hrs.)Optional transfer from or to EZEIZA International Airport

During this tour, you will discover the major highlights of the city, such as the impressive National Congress (the Parliament), and the civic center, which includes the Plaza de Mayo (May Square), the Casa Rosada (Government House), the Metropolitan Cathedral, and the Cabildo (City Hall during the Spanish colonial period).

You will also see the famous Teatro Colón (Colon Theatre), one of the best opera houses around the world and the city's cultural, and the traditional San Telmo neighbourhood, which will take you back in time; besides, if you visit on Sunday, you will be able to explore San Telmo's Flea Market. Next, you will stop at the La Boca neighbourhood—the are where Italian immigrants first settled— to appreciate its colourful buildings.

You will then continue with the tour, passing by Puerto Madero on the way to the largest residential neighborhood of the city, Palermo, for a chance to enjoy its parks, zoo, and the planetarium. Finally, the tour ends with a visit to Recoleta, the most elegant neighborhood of the city, including its famous cementery, boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and cafés with outdoor seating underneath ficus trees.


2.-Tigre Delta River Cruise (5 Hrs)

On this tour, you will head to Tigre, which is 30 km (20 mi) from Buenos Aires, and visit the northern, residential suburbs of the city. You will take a trip along Avenida del Libertador and, therefore, pass by the presidential residence in Olivos (Quinta de Olivos). You will see luxurious residences and mansions. The first stop will be at San Isidro station, where you will be able to take a look at the first outdoor mall in Argentina, the San Isidro Cathedral, and a few historical buildings close by.

The tour continues towards the city of Tigre, where you will board a boat that sails along the Paraná Delta a 14.000 km2 area comprising thousands of islands and isletsand by its exotic, subtropical forest.


3.-Gaucho fiesta (8-9 Hrs) Full day activity

During your stay in Buenos Aires, you can’t miss the Argentine Estancia La Porteña (a typical farm house/estate located 75 minutes from Buenos Aires), where you will have the chance to try a traditional empanada (meat pie) and asado (barbecue) with Argentine wines.

Moreover, during the show, you will enjoy Argentine folklore music and dancing, such as Tango. Here, in the countryside, you will notice the locals' horse riding abilities through a horse exhibition and sortija race (ring race); and then you will be able to ride a horse or a carriage (also known as sulky).


-This is a full day excursion starting at 10:00AM and ending at 07:00PM, so we recommend taking this tour only if you are staying in Buenos Aires for the night or leaving on a late flight.

-The activities at the Estancia are subject to change in case of bad weather.


4.-Tango show and dinner (4 1/2 Hrs)

The nightlife in cosmopolitan Buenos Aires is world-renowned since it caters to all tastes by offering a vast variety of gastronomic, entertainment, and artistic alternatives to its residents and visitors. The tour provides several options so you can enjoy all the magic and charm of Tango-the main attraction of the evening-as well as the delicious local cuisine.

Price includes transfer from and to your hotel.


-Tour starts at 07:30PM from the pier or your hotel.


5.-Evita city tour (4 Hrs)

This is a magical tour that provides all the answers about such controversial figure, Eva Perón, while covering the history, politics, religion, society and economy. In addittion, you will also get to enquire into Evita's life-the official and uncensored story-, biography, her impact on the world, and the books and films based on her life. For instance, the film Evita, directed by Alan Parker and starring Madonna as Eva Perón, will be addressed, along with the reaction it received from Argentina and the rest of the world, and other international versions of the film.

You will visit Radio Belgrano, where she worked as a long-time radio host, as well as the CGT (Main Labor Union), and May Square's Balcony, where she gave outstanding speeches to the "Descamisados".

Following on from this, you will head to Luna Park, where Juan Domingo Perón and Eva first met; Juan Perón's House; Eva's House; Our Lady of Pillar Basilica, where she married Juan; Club of the 45's, meeting club of Perón's doctrine followers; the followed by La Recoleta Cemetery to see Evita's Mausoleum; and lastly, the National Library, which used to be the place where she lived and where she passed away.


6.-Buenos Aires Jewish city tour (4 Hrs)

This tour includes 2 Historic, Jewish synagogues: a beautiful Ashkenazi synagogue built in 1919 and a synagogue built in 1932 Jewish immigrants from Aleppo, Syria. It also includes an outside visit to the AMIA (which stands for Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina) , which is a Jewish Federation Building with an outdoor memorial dedicated to the victims of the 1994 bombing; the Israeli Embassy Memorial Plaza dedicated to the victims of the 1992 bombing; and a uniquely located memorial to the victims of the Shoah on behalf of the Catholic community.




1.-Punta Tombo Penguin rookery (7-9 hrs)

The drive to Punta Tombo is approximately three hours long each way, bumpy and dusty, but definitely worthwhile for penguin lovers who will have an opportunity to see thousands of penguins at close range.

This is the largest penguin nesting ground in continental South America, and from September through March, this vast rookery and breeding area hosts hundreds of thousands of Magellan penguins, who arrive to fulfill the procreation of the species. During this time, other seabirds such as gulls, skuas, steamer ducks and oyster catchers invade the area, some of them being predators of penguin nests and chicks.

Because these penguins are accustomed to humans, you'll be able to walk among the thousands of nests and marvel at this wonder of nature. You'll have approximately one hour to interact with these amazing creatures. Note: Please be advised that although the penguins are not fearful of humans, you should not approach them, as they can inflict bites serious enough to require stitches.


Peninsula Valdes, one of the World's nature reserves and listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. The coastline is inhabited by marine mammals like sea lions, elephant seals and fur seals, penguins, orcas and southern right whales (from May to December.) Most of the peninsula is barren land with high cliffs on the borders and approximately 165 feet high with salt lakes on the inner part. The largest of these lakes is a depression of about 132 feet below sea level, one of the biggest depressions in the world. The central part of the peninsula is inhabited by rheas, guanacos (American camels) and maras (Patagonian rodents). A wide variety of birds including the Antarctic pigeon live in the peninsula as well. Sheep 'estancias' occupy most of the peninsula's interior. You'll visit Caleta Valdes on the eastern shore, a sheltered bay with a long gravel spit onto which elephant seals haul up in the spring. Very close to Caleta Valdes, there might be a possibility to view a very small and new penguin colony, which is being established in this area. You'll then continue to watch a sea lion colony near Puerto Piramides before returning to the pier. Note: Drive is 2 1/2 hours each way on bumpy and dusty roads.

Anual Calendar of Fauna:

2.-Peninsula Valdes (7 -9 Hrs)


Sea elephant

Sea Lion

Killer whale

Sea birds

Land wild life

01 Jul. / 15 Dec.

All year around

All year around

November to March

All year around

All year around

* The coastal watching can not be guaranteed.


3.-Punta Loma and Puerto Madryn (4 Hrs)

This tour will take you into the natural area which preserves a significant population of the South American sea lions. Very close to the city, this destination is home to sea lions all year round. This tour is great fun offering you some picturesque landscape, stunning sights and wonderful knowledge.

You will visit sights including the ruins of the first Welsh settlement, located in Punta Cuevas, the most ancient homes in Patagonia, a beautiful panoramic view of Puerto Madryn, its beaches and industrial park, the Hermandaddel Escrófalo Natatorium- a pioneer society of local divers and Club Social y Deportivo Madryn.

From here, you will make your way to Punta Loma Natural Protected Area. Punta Loma boasts some stunning cliffs that fall onto the sea and large picturesque beaches. As you overlook the gulf, you will view a colony made up by about 600 specimens of South American sea lions, as well as guanacos, choiques, Patagonian hares and Piches.

This tour is a fantastic way to experience the highlights of Puerto Madryn. Come and join this wonderful excursion!

You will be taken back to port with plenty of time before departure.



1.-Tierra del Fuego National Park (4 hrs)

Depart from Ushuaia, traveling approximately 20 km to the west, and arrive at the Tierra del Fuego National Park. The park is crossed by many rivers that flow into the Beagle Channel, and contains beautiful lakes and forests. Trees that change their colors into red, yellow and orange in March and April offer a splendid sight.La Portada post indicates that you are entering the Tierra del Fuego National Park, and its side roads will lead you to the Ensenada Bay, Redonda island, the Toro Gulch, the Alakush Inn, the Roca Lake and its camping site, and the picturesque restaurant La Casita del Bosque ("the little house of the forest"). Visit the seed-beds kept by Korean families, the Rio Pipo Ranch and cottages, and Mt. Susana's foothills, a witness to the convicts at the old prison for recidivists.

Continue along to Laguna Verde and the Laguna Negra, admiring a beaver-built dam and Lapataia Bay, before heading back to port and your cruise ship.


2.-Beagle Channel Sailing Tour (2 ½ hrs)

The tour starts at the touristic pier, throughout the coast of Ushuaia, having a view of the most important buildings, Maritime Museum (old prison), End of the World Museum and industrial area, etc. From this point, the landscape is a combination of sea and mountains, and the mounts Olivia, Five Brothers, the Fique and Túnel "estancias", and the Encajonado River can be seen.

After leaving Ushuaia the catamaran reaches Les Eclaireurs lighthouse. During this tour it is also possible to see pieces of the ship Monte Cervantes, which was shipwrecked in 1930.

Towards the Seal's Island, it is possible to observe the games of these peculiar sea mammals and in complete silence the catamaran sails around the island during about 20 minutes observing its permanent habitat, it is a wonderful scene. Then the catamaran will go towards the Birds Island to see the Magellanic Cormorants, the Imperial Cormorants Imperial, the Giant Albatrosses, Petrels Fullman, Petrels, Skuas and 20 different species of sea birds. Later, sailing through Paso Chico, the way back to Ushuaia, with a view of the beautiful frame that gives the Le Martial Mount and its glacier.

Note: Roads can be bumpy. Participants need to be able to get in and out of the catamaran. Weather is unpredictable in this area. We recommend that you dress in layers and bring a windbreaker.